Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Term 1, Week 8

Let's Paint!

This week we practised our painting skills by painting our book boxes in bright colours. When we started at Stanley Ave we were given a book box that is ours to keep. As we have moved through the junior school  they have started to become a bit old and worn because we use them every day. Now that we are the big Year 2 and 3 kids of the junior school, our book boxes definitely need a revamp!

There was lots of learning involved in painting our book boxes. For example we learnt how to put lots of paint on our brushes and paint in strokes that go in the same direction. Some of us decided that we shouldn't paint the underside of the boxes because that will make it tricky (and sticky) to put anywhere to dry. We also discovered that in order to make our book box colour stand out and to cover all the old brown, we needed at least two coats of paint, which we did across two days. 

We had lots of fun getting our hands dirty in the paint!

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