Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Term 4, Week 9

Happy Holidays!

Room 8 have been super busy working in the last couple of weeks of school! We have had lots on in and out of class including making Christmas snow globes, having our first swims in the school pool for the summer and attending our annual Stanley Avenue School picnic at Water World on Monday this week. 

Here are our snow globes we have been working on!

We used crayon and dye on a paper plate, we then turned ourselves into snowmen or gingerbread men. Next we put glitter inside the plate and covered it with cellophane to create a snow globe with moving snow!!

We have been loving this sunshine and being able to get in the pool everyday!!

Room 8 would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday!

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Term 4, Week 7

More Gingerbread!

To go with our Christmas-y theme of gingerbread, Room 8 decorated gingerbread biscuits on Monday morning as part of a language experience. We had to use our big muscles to squeeze the sticky icing out of the bottles and we used it as glue for M&Ms and sprinkles. We think our gingerbread biscuits looked awesome and tasted delicious!

We got to eat our yummy gingerbread creations at morning tea time. When we came back into class, we wrote about decorating the biscuits. We had to include what we did, what we used and how we think they tasted at the end. Here are a few examples of our writing:

"Today we made gingerbread things like bells, trees, men and angels. I made a man and an angel. The first thing I did was put a border around it with icing. I put a bit of sprinkles around the sides. I put two M&Ms on my angel and three on my gingerbread man. At morning tea I ate my angel and a bit of my gingerbread man. It was delicious. It swirled around in my mouth."

By Kylia

"Today my class made light brown gingerbread men. Miss Smith said we could choose two different kinds of shapes. I chose a gingerbread man and a Christmas tree. Ariana got the same thing as me. I was quite funny. I put some rich chocolate M&Ms on it. They were in a pattern. We also put sweet white icing on them. I made it beautiful by sprinkling rainbow sprinkles on top. When we ate it, it tasted like we did a good job."

By Aiva

"Today we made gingerbread man biscuits and we put icing around on the biscuits. Also the biscuits were delicious. I put icing and M&Ms on top of the gingerbread man."

By Manav

"Today I made a gingerbread man and a gingerbread Christmas tree. I put white icing on them. It looked like vanilla icing. I put heaps of sparkling sprinkles on when we were making them. I thought I was going to pop when I ate them. They were ginger-licious!"

By Trilese

Last Friday, we also finished our Gingerbread Man artwork by adding pretend 'lollies' to them made out of scrunched paper and curled up pipe-cleaners. They are now on display in our entrance foyer.
Take a look!