Sunday, 21 June 2015

Week 9 Term 2 2015

This week we had a follow up walk around the Wetlands to review what we have learned and to try and find some of the plants and animals we know grow in the Wetlands.            We were very lucky to have Mark, from the Matamata Piako District Council to walk around with us. Many thanks to Mark,and Bryan, who helped arrange this.

We stopped see how many species of ducks we could find. 

Trees adapt to living in water .
The trunks and roots change shape to make sure they
don't fall over.
These are Swamp Cypress trees.

This is the newly planted kahikatea grove.
There are 100 trees, one for every year since Gallipoli.
Once New Zealand was covered in these beautiful trees
but many were cut down.

Here we are, entering the Wetlands,
leaving only our footprints behind.

Here we are with Mark, learning about the
 Swamp Cypress trees.

They don't mind getting their feet wet.
 They are a tree introduced to New Zealand.
There are a lot of them in the Wetlands.
  We loved walking through the leaves and
                                   having leaf fights!                                  
They also make a great noise as you walk.

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